Most Common JS Projects on Github: Fetch API to Github API, Bootstrap (HTML/CSS/JS).
Karl Schultz Music: Materialize (HTML, CSS, Javascript), Netlify Forms.
Meal Track N Find: MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node), Passport, Spoonacular API, Bootstrap.
React COVID-19 Tracker: React, Vite, Fetch API to various open data, Materialize (HTML/CSS/JS).
React & Flexbox: React, Vite, styled components, react-responsive.
Does Yr Career Have a Bright Outlook?: Node, Express, O*Net's REST API, Bootstrap (HTML/CSS/JS).
Personality Match: Vanilla Javascript, JSON, Bootstrap (HTML/CSS/JS).
1 Enterprise IT: Materialize (HTML, CSS, Javascript), Fetch API to WordPress REST API.
Hellenic Alexandria: React, Vite, react-responsive, Materialize (HTML/CSS/JS).

Why a Site or App?

In today’s website market (Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, etc.) you may be thinking, “Why would I even need a developer?” Simple. Your biggest hurdle is that you don’t know how to code. These companies know how to lock you into an overpriced plan. The truth is, their templates: 1) lack customization, 2) suffer from poor performance, and 3) utilize tools and systems that are more frustrating and time-consuming than potentially coding it yourself.

I think business owners deserve better. Your website is everyone’s first impression of your company, not something you want to settle on.

Basic Website / React App

Get a blazing fast site with up to 5 pages, or 5 sections on a single page. Level up with React when you need to.

Full Stack: MERN Stack / Headless WordPress or Forestry (CMS)

MERN Stack sites add a database and server, perfect if you need users to register. If you already have a WordPress site you can still use it to write posts and pages! Connect to the WordPress API--or migrate to Forestry--to feed content to your site while reaping the benefits of a CMS.

Not sure what’s best for you?

I offer a free initial consultation so we can discuss your plan for a new site. The point is to pick the most efficient option and not upsell you into more than you might need.

Beyond Development: Hosting & Maintenance

I can either maintain your site for an ongoing fee, or conduct a training so you can manage it on your own. If you need hosting: basic sites & apps are FREE to host on Netlify; the only small expense is buying a domain (usually $12-$15 per year). For full stack and WordPress, I use Digital Ocean (starting at $5/mo). Note: $15 + ($5 x 12) is around half the yearly cost of a basic Squarespace site.

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